Inspiration Boards: Betsey Johnson

"Life is a prom." -Betsey Johnson
"Cupcake Confection": Betsey dress + Hydrangeas + Cupcakes

Betsey Johnson's Spring 2008 collection brings to mind prom, summer love and sweet dreams. These are inspiration boards I've created with all the beautiful things these dresses bring to mind.

"Lilac and Gold": Betsey Dress + Vintage prom dress + Lilac + Louboutin heels

"Cadillac Cruisin": Betsey dress + Vintage prom dress + 1950s glasses and Cadillac

"Funny Face": Audrey Hepburn + Bows + Saddle shoes + Polka dots

"Pretty in Pink": Betsey dress + Barbie MAC lipstick + Rayban Wayfarers + Butterflies + Molly Ringwald

"American Beauty": Betsey dress + American pride + Louboutin heels + Red cardinal