Fashion meets Art: Richard Prince

"Untitled", 1983

Richard Prince is recognized as the father of appropriation art. He became famous in the 80s with his re-photographed "Marlboro Man."
I find his art interesting because the work often offers commentary on our relationship with media and advertising.

These are some photos from his celebrity series of Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Britney Spears. These were featured in W Magazine as a part of their art issue in 2007. The writing on the photos are messages designed to resemble autographs.

I love how the art and fashion worlds have clearly collided in the recent collaboration between Prince and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Imagery from Prince's series of Nurse paintings showed up in the advertising and runways for LV.

And some of his paintings were put on LV handbags.

The bags were presented as works of art, displayed in an exhibition style.

The collaborating between Prince and Jacobs has continued since the purse series. This past May, the pair debuted this "After Dark" exhibition in Hong Kong, where the building was wrapped in blown up images of Prince's novel collection.