7 Things, 7 Blogs

The Meme Award
I recently was honored by receiving the Meme Award from Claudia of The Paris Apartment. I'm still new to blogging, so it took me some time to realize the nature of award giving and receiving. So this post is a long time in coming since receiving the award at the beginning of July. I have loved blogging and the chance it's given me to meet new people and gain inspiration from everyone's creativity. I would like to now give this award to 7 blogs I find inspirational and fun to read.
BonBon Rose: Topics range from giveaways (like these pretty earrings) to thoughts on shoppings and travel.

Fashion Confectionary: Musings on the latest models, daily style photos, etc.

The Glamourai: Beautiful photos like this one in Mexico of style, accessories, etc.

LA in a Roller Coaster: Great LA fashion photos

Lisa's Likes: More great LA fashion and more

The Beauty File: Tons of beautiful images

Couture Carrie: All things fashion can be found on this blog.
The award recipients are supposed to share 7 things about themselves:
1. I absolutely love fashion and I think it must have started with Barbie.
2. I am always inspired by history, and am fascinated by women like Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadour.
3. I am currently watching Chicago because I am very into flappers and the 1920s right now.
4. I've always loved anything French. I took the language for 5 years and haven't yet been to France, but when I do go I definitely want to visit Provence.
5. My favorite designers include the classics-driven Ralph Lauren and the theatrical Alexander McQueen.
6.I love all forms of dance. I've taken ballet and modern in the past, and though I don't always get to take dance classes, I love watching performances.
7. I still believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming.