A Madcap Story

Flapper: "A young girl, especially one somewhat daring in
conduct, speech and dress."
-Webster's Dictionary
The book, Flapper, by Joshua Zeitz is so interesting. I'm just finishing it up and have loved learning more about the flapper fashions, culture and the "women who made America modern."

The Chanel Couture collection for Fall 2009 embraces aspects of flapper style. Some of the designs feature long lines, skirt trains, cloche hats and cabaret worthy detailing. Interestingly, Coco Chanel helped pave the way for women's modern fashion and now Karl Lagerfeld is channelling this time...along with others like the Victorian era as seen with the heeled booties.

One flapper was quoted saying, "Of all things that flappers don't like, it is the commonplace."

I think Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld would readily agree that this is an appropriate statement not only for flappers, but also this couture collection as an embodiment of the flapper spirit.

John Held Jr. was the ultimate illustrator of the flapper.

Cloche hats and night-life dressing as seen with Colleen Moore and Clara Bow.

Clara Bow

Straight lines and shimmering details would have caught the eye of a handsome beau in a Jazz filled cabaret.

Louise Brooks

Clara Bow embodied the idea of the flapper with her bobbed hair, cupid bow lips and stylish cloche hat. I also LOVE her boots in this picture.

Outerwear in the 1920s included cape-like ponchos and fur trims.

Clara Bow

Runway photos: Style.com