Fashion meets Art: Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman became famous after her Untitled Film Series (late 70s-80). On the surface the photos seem to be self-portraits, but are more like characters from our culture.

These stereotypes and cliches in the photos are women easily found in B-movies or film noir. You might get the feeling that you're looking at a publicity photo, or a moment captured at home of a famous starlet. Cliches include the blonde bombshell, the sex kitten, the traveller, etc.
From lingerie to Hitchcock. The above Film Still is of Cindy Sherman's version of the blonde bombshell when she first started the series.
I thought the photo below had the feeling of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The set reminded me of the hotel room in the film.
I find this series one of Cindy Sherman's most interesting...perhaps because it connects to the idea of how women are portrayed in movies and the messages we read through imagery.


#14 was described on the MOMA site as the Domesticated Sex Kitten. Black lace certainly communicates that message.

The luscious librarian makes an appearance in #13.

Domestic with sass. #35


Emotionally unreadable, but beautiful. The perfect outfit for this character: a strong suit.



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