Fashion meets Art: Matthew Langille

Artist Matthew Langille has been busy teaming up with brands to provide every fashionista with ready-to-wear art. His cartoon-style drawings and designs can be found on covers for your i-phone, in the collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs and in three new watches for Swatch.

Clouds, boogey-men and teddy bears...all ready for a fashionista bold enough to wear them. With a touch of childhood and the spirit of comic books, these Swatch watches are varied enough to provide a design for every taste.

Animals seem to be everywhere this season with the headgear of our furry friends, as seen with the Olsens twins and Madonna in Louis Vuitton. Matthew Langille's "Cuddle Bunch" captures the cuddly-cuteness of a Carebare and the style of the starlets in this pastel colored watch.
It's like Sesame Street for your wrist. Primary colors, fluffy clouds and childlike depictions. The watch would go perfectly with any of these stylish outfits seen at this summer's music festivals.
Festival style photos:

Whether casual or dressed-up, the Germaholic watch brings an unexpected humor to the outfit.
From left: White Hanes T-Shirt, Betsey Johnson Hobo, Tory Burch Flats, Madewell Vest, American Eagle Jeans

On the right: J. Crew Top, Fumblin' Foe Skirt, Armani Clutch, Charlotte Russe Peep Toes
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