Life in a Shoe

"There was an old lady who lived in a shoe..."
By Kronheim, 1875

If you had to spend your life in a shoe, what kind would it be?
Perhaps it would date back to the days of Madame Pompadour and the Rococo era with silk linings and pastel colors...

Or maybe the shoe would simply be inspired by the past, like this fabulous heel by Christian Louboutin that references the Neoclassical fashionista Marie Antoinette.
The shoe could have a playful humor and sex appeal with lace and ribbons like these designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton that are reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge CanCan dancers.

If you wish to aim for the old world beauty of Asia, these small slippers designed for bound feet would be the perfect choice.
If you wish for a slipper with a bit more room, you might enjoy living in a ballet inspired flat by Tory Burch.

Or maybe all the other shoes have been too soft. For a life without boundaries you want boots made for walking:
1) City style
2) Heavy duty via the 90s
3) Fit for the farm

You'd be prepared for life in the outdoors with Rainbows as your practical sandal choice and Louis Vuitton as your fantastical.

And finally a shoe that aims for the future...

I'm not sure which shoe I would choose. But knowing I would have to look at it everyday I would lean towards the beautifully fantastical, so the view would never get old. If you had to live life in a shoe, which would be your choice?