A New Kind of Love

The 1963 A New Kind of Love with Paul Newman and real-life wife Joanne Woodward is a beautiful movie. The City of Lights becomes the City of Love as the dreamy Steve Sherman (aka Paul Newman) finds himself falling for the ugly duckling turned swan, Sam (Joanne Woodward). Though there are cheesy parts, the movie is worth watching for the clothing alone.
For this vintage love story imagine the Eiffel Tower, romantic meals under the starry sky and fabulous fashion.

The perfect collection for dreaming about love in Paris is John Galliano's Spring 2008 Dior Couture Collection. His designs have clear connections to the 1960s from the line of the skirts, shape of the jackets and spirit of the women.

Lush fabrics. Dazzling details. Rich colors. Whimsical beauty.

Don't you just love the leopard printed furniture in the 1960s picture? It's beauty with an attitude that's not afraid to make a statement.

From parisapartment.blogspot.com

Dior 1965 (above)

1960s Dior with a pillbox hat...similar to those made popular by
Jackie Kennedy

From apartmenttherapy.com

1960s (above)

Full skirts were typical of 1960s eveningwear.

This dress seemed to be a perfect fit with the vintage postcard and chocolate covered delicacies.

Runway photos: Style.com