Feathered Femme

Model turned actress Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffith's mother) starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 classic The Birds. Her blonde hair, elegance and style made her the perfect Hitchcock heroine.
Apparently her good looks did not go unnoticed by Hitchcock. He developed a deep fascination with Tippi but when she did not return his feelings, Hitchcock decided to let the birds do the talking for him. Instead of using mechanical birds during the attack scenes, Hitchcock used live birds that scratched up Tippi to the point that filming had to be postponed. Quite a naughty move by Mr. Hitchcock.

The Look: Pencil Skirts. Suit jackets. Gloves. Delicate heels. Coiffed hair. Sophistication.

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2005 collection is the epitome of 1960s chic.

As is this year's Dior Pre-Fall collection by John Galliano.

For the dark side of this classic film, the black, charcoal and shots of red are the perfect color choices.
Rather than remain restricted to the 1960s time period when thinking about The Birds, how about a more fantastical approach.
Alexander McQueen brings the drama in this blood red feathered gown from Fall 2008.

Let's not forget the romance of the perfect kiss. How sweet is this dress?

Prim suits reach new heights with feathered headpieces. Alexander McQueen Fall 2006.

Whimsical flights of fancy. Don't you just love Alexander McQueen?

Peacock plumes made an appearance for this Fall's collection by Giambattista Valli.

If a Valli creation isn't in your budget, why not opt for a touch of drama with a headband or earrings? These feathered treats are both from Urban Outfitters, $24 each.

Runway photos: Style.com
Headband and Earrings: Urbanoutfitters.com