Bright Tights Big City

From the streets of NYC with Queen Bee, Blair...
to the offices of Mode with Ugly Betty...
to the pages of history...tights are everywhere!
The trend of tights varying in colors and textures has been around for the last couple of years; But it actually dates back centuries to the Late Gothic period.

In the Late Gothic period men and women donned their tights out of necessity as they travelled across the European landscape or lived among princesses in stone castles. More recently we've seen tights and knee highs on the silver screen with SJP in Sex and the City and also from a 90s favorite of mine, Clueless.
Tights have never gone out of style. Louis XIV, aka The Sun King and grandfather-in-law to Marie Antoinette, proudly wore red tights to showcase his favorite asset...his legs (he happened to also wear heels to emphasize their shape).

Colorful tights appeared in the 1960s Mod style with leggy model Twiggy and always seem to make an appearance on the Anna Sui runway.
I'm definitely a fan of tights for their practicality and the splash of color they can add to an outfit.
Here's to shopping for your perfect pair of tights.


  1. I saw Clueless when I was in the fourth grade, and forever fell in love with plaid miniskirts and knee-high socks/tights. This post brought back so many memories.

    I absolutely adore the way you compared Blair Waldorf's red tights to those of Louis XIV - so fabulous. And Anna Sui...I truly cannot resist the colors she featured for Fall 2009. I think I need to go out and buy a few pairs of tights myself! :)

  2. Tawney, Thanks for your kind comment and for stopping by my blog.

    Great post. Love Twiggy. Here in Miami, I have to check the weather twice before indulging but who could resist all these great colors & patterns?

  3. Fab post, darling! Love the mix of historical and modern references!!


  4. great posts ! I love the different colored stockings. I love tights, stockings, and leggings:) I prefer towear them instead of jeans :) I've been thinking for a whilethat I have to buy some bright colored ones :) mostly I have white gray and black. I want red ones really bad.. Love your blog :))

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