From Russia with Love

The winter winds have blown in with the flair of Russia, thanks to John Galliano. Rather than fight the chill, simply bundle up with a style that ranges from sheer elegance and decadent jewels, to folkloric dresses and warm coats.

Temperatures may drop below freezing, but elegance is not to be lost. With the graceful beauty of a swan, the sheer fabrics flutter across the runway as snowflakes drift about.
Across the spectrum, folk fabrics make their appearance. Rich in reds and blues, the designs whisper of military undertones and folk fantasies.

Are you ready to travel across snowy tundras in these pom-pom decorated heels?

"Girl with Berries", 1879 by Vasili Timofevev

Galliano's fabrics showcase the history of Russia as they mimic the folk dress where beauty can be found in the details.

Are you ready for the Russian winter? For a little inspiration, try the classic film Doctor Zhivago. This cinematic treat transports you to another era with fabulous costumes, an amazing original score and a captivating plotline.

Stylishly prepared to weather the winter frost in wools and fur. And don't forget the jeweled headdress.

Welcome winter.
From Russia with Love...

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