Loss of a Legend

Fashion has lost a legend. Lee Alexander, the designer for the Alexander McQueen label, took his life yesterday. It is a tragedy to learn that this talented artist will no longer be sharing his creations with us each season.

In honor of McQueen, I'd like to share some of my favorite looks from the designer. His creations ranged from exotic, to outlandish, theatrical to romantic and lovely. But no matter the style, the designs have always been inspirational.

Spring 2010
Fall 2009
The garish and highly entertaining looks from last fall.

Pre-Fall 2009
Back to British roots with a Charles Dickens quality.

Spring 2008
Romance with a touch of techno...

Fall 2008
The French Empire of Napoleon and Josephine meet the far East.
Fall 2007

Spring 2007
The ultimate collection of Edwardian romance with florals and lace.

Fall 2006
Flights of fancy...
Spring 2005

The beauty and romance of Alexander McQueen will never be forgotten.