Spring Fling

The iconic images of Marie Antoinette are often those of extreme beauty; dresses wider than doorways, hair that reaches the heavens, luxury beyond belief. But there was another side of the French Queen that I love to imagine, and that is her time spent at Le Petit Trianon. Marie Antoinette had a country home that included cottages and gardens. She could escape from court life and enter her pastoral environment where she could let her hair down and truly love. Away from the prying eyes of the courtiers at Versailles, Marie wore a scandalous white chemise dress, like in this 1781 painting, that was soft and simple. The scandal came from the lack of layers and coverage; not wearing her wide panniers and other normal undergarments made for a much more revealing garment.
The Chanel Spring 2010 collection seems to embody the softer side of Marie. Though not specifically pinpointing accurate details from her time period, there is a spirit and beauty that is easily related to life in the gardens at Le Petit Trianon.

Country life is embraced in a neutral, clean color palette with romantic details.
Simple pleasures abound like walks in the garden, roses blooming, butterflies fluttering and sunsets painting the night sky.

Away from court and the King, Marie could embrace her love for Axel.

More than just a fling, Axel stood by Marie until the very end. As the luxurious world of Versailles, balls, fabulous fashion and countryside retreats crumbled around Marie and her family with the dawn of the French Revolution, Axel worked to save his true love.

Photos: Style.com, Trouvais.com