Pure Beauty

"Look good, feel good, do good..." -Donna Karan

Something that I find to be so inspiring is fashion that has a deeper purpose. More than simply adorning our bodies or providing a scent, brands are developing products that fuel change in the world. Donna Karan New York (DKNY) has as a newer perfume called pureDKNY that I just learned about when reading the latest issue of Marie Claire.

pureDKNY is made with vanilla from Uganda. Vanilla naturally grows in this country and with improvements in farming, it could become a source of economic change in a country that has suffered from war and turmoil. pureDKNY provides funding to CARE, a leading international humanitarian organization for their work with vanilla farmers. One of the best parts is that the purchase of the product is helping secure the livelihoods of the mostly female farmers (60% of vanilla farmers are women). So as you enjoy the scent of your new favorite perfume, you can feel good knowing that women and their children are benefiting from your purchase.

Model for pureDKNY, Angela Lindvall, in Uganda
Not only is the perfume itself a smart purchase, but you can rest assured knowing that even the packaging does a little bit of good. The box is made from certified forest paper, is from 100% renewable energy at a carbon neutral mill, is compost-able and is wrapped a biodegradable wrapping.

Who knew that you could feel this beautiful while making the world a better place?

To learn more about Uganda, you can visit the Invisible Children website.

pureDKNY ranges from $34.00-85.00 and can be purchased at Macy's.