Flowers Alight

Carolina Herrera's Spring collection uses florals, but with non-traditional techniques. Rather than simply referencing classic flowers for the season, the designer utilized photo-quality techniques on the fabric and seemed to reference the modern art of James Turrell.

Turrell is known for his work using light and space as a language to drive interaction with viewers. Herrerra clearly employed this same language. She intertwined natural motifs with a treatment of colors that seems to be inspired by the behavior of light. 

What is interesting about light is that it is natural, but can also be produced using technology. In a similar way, this collection shows how the natural motif of flowers can be created using technology-driven printing techniques. 
Even though light cannot be touched or held, in certain spaces it takes on a 3D quality. Given the right treatment through draping, Herrerra proves that two dimensional fabric is the same way.