Fashion meets Art: Georgia O' Keeffe

Artist Georgia O' Keeffe described her work as a means to express the "wideness and wonder of the world." The composition, color palettes and scale of the images certainly speak to this idea of wonder. Dating back to the time of their creation, her paintings of flowers have often been interpreted to have feminine qualities. Interestingly, designer Karl Lagerfeld seemed to invoke this spirit of powerful femininity in his Spring 2015 collection

In a literal sense, the Chanel fabrics mirror the floral motifs seen in O'Keeffe's paintings. 

But even beyond the fabrics, Lagerfeld connected to the spirit of feminine beauty and strength as he explored women's rights and politics. The models literally took to the runway in a protest style form with pickets and messages and for the audience at large. 

Many of the pieces in the collection also seem to speak to an era during which the feminist movement blossomed--the 1960s. The ponchos, skirt lines and accessories easily call to mind the styles of this period. The 1960s was a time of change as women increasingly entered the workforce and began fighting for equality. 

The 1960s presented an interesting exploration of gender roles and femininity. As Lagerfeld symbolically pairs the delicacy of florals with the power of a Chanel suit, he too continues the conversation.