Fashion for a Cause

When you say the word nursery, elephants may not be the first image that comes to mind. But that's exactly what exists in Kenya's Nairobi National Park thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This nursery rescues elephants that are orphaned from poaching or conflicts with humans. In both Africa and Asia, elephants are fighting for their lives as humans hunt them for their tusks or meat. 

To help save the baby elephants and rehabilitate them for life in the wild, the Wildlife Trust has created an environment where they can heal and grow. Caretakers spend time with them and even sleep in the same room to ensure they never feel alone. 
To keep away the chill, caretakers bundle the baby elephants in blankets. 

What's amazing is that the elephants have so many human-like behaviors. They can recognize themselves in mirrors, show emotion and remember who their caretakers are. 

Just like school children, they line up and follow the leader. 

As elephants fight to stay alive, brands like J. Crew and Chantecaille are finding ways to help. Simply by buying a t-shirt or some blush you can help save an elephant. That's truly fashion for a cause!

You can also help by fostering an elephant like Sokotei in the picture below. That's a gift definitely worth adding to your birthday and Christmas wish lists. 

To learn more about the ivory trade and its effect on elephants, take a look at this amazing article from National Geographic