Melting Beauty

Imagine kayaking through a glacier filled landscape, taking in the scenery, to suddenly find a woman emerging from the depths of the water. It might be a little scary, maybe slightly eerie.
Now imagine a world of vast oceans. The glaciers are gone, as are the animals that called them home. This too would be a little scary and slightly eerie.

With glaciers melting and ecosystems threatened, surfer turned artist Sean Yoro decided to speak about the subject through his art. Words are not necessary as the art's lifespan draws attention to the state of climate change. The pieces are painted on the sides of glaciers. After hours of work, he knows the art will soon melt back into the ocean water. 
Located in remote areas, Yoro presents them to "ignite a sense of urgency toward climate change in those who stumble upon the murals," as he told CNN Style

Though we may never stumble upon one of his murals in the natural setting, we can still appreciate their beauty and the strength of their message.