Under the Sea

This time of year always brings with it mild fall temperatures with a touch of sunshine that beckon you to come outside. Day’s like today have perfect weather for exploring a park, hiking trails and forests. 

But what if the park was underwater? Parks are no longer limited to dry land thanks to artist Jason deCaires Taylor. He was the first artist to create an underwater sculpture park. 

His most recent sculpture was in the London’s River Thames. The installation was titled “Rising Tide.” The rise of the tide slowly covers the sculptures, revealing the frailty of man. 

The works are designed to allow humans to interact with underwater habitats. Scuba diving in these parks can bring you face to face with man made art, as well as the natural art of the sea life that begin to call these sculptures home. 

The sculptures transform from inanimate objects to pieces that provide the foundation for new life. 

You can visit a museum of over 500 works submerged off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.