It's in the Bag: Freedom of Animals

Your recycled water bottles have found new purpose, and a pretty one at that, thanks to the Nikki Reed and Morgan Bogle Freedom of Animals collaboration. The brand is a PETA certified vegan line of handbags that uses materials like recycled plastic water bottles as the lining. All materials are free from animal products. 

The ethically produced bags prove that style doesn't have to come at a cost to someone else--whether it be an animal or someone without fair wages. Not only are they ethically produced, some of the bags are named after an orphaned elephant being rehabilitated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Another great way to create awareness for a noble cause.  

The black and white bags from the collaboration blend boho elements like tassels with clean lines and classic shapes. These Boromo circle bags are likely named for the elephant Boromoko. So not only are the bags a modern take on classic beauty, they can be a conversation starter as you help spread awareness of the orphan elephants.