Dash of Historic Flair

It’s the collection that has a touch of Elizabethan accessories, a dash of Baroque flair and a touch of Rococo romance. The fall collection for Giles showcased several details reminiscent of these various time periods. 

Royal-worthy sashes evoked the feeling of going to the Parisian court of Versailles with Louis the Sun King.

The romantic bows were reminiscent of the feminine detailing always seen adorning the gowns of Madame Pompadour from the Rococo era.

Many of the designs in the Giles collection featured ruff collars and wrist accessories. Though these continued in various forms through the Rococo era many years after the Elizabethan era, they instantly evoke the look of Queen Elizabeth I

The accessories send a message of power and inaccessibility as it separates the wearer from the viewer.

References also connect to the Baroque era in designs like this golden suit. The front detailing mimics corset strings and is accented with a bow. The details and the color of the outfit mirror aspects of the portrait of Henrietta Maria from 1623. 

By using points of inspiration from time periods spanning hundreds of years, the designer invokes a sense of history while translating the historical notes into a modern world. 

Photos: Vogue.com