Winter Rose

Mamma Mia! Mother’s played a central role in the Dolce and Gabbana Fall collectionWith childlike embroidery, you could imagine mother’s wearing their child’s art. Although this was a bit chicer than imagining a coloring book page pinned to your dress.

But celebrating mothers was not the only point of reference for the designers, roses and technology  abounded as seen in the embroidery and accessories.

Though we always say goodbye to the blooms of summer once fall and winter arrive, the designers were quick to use floral embroidery to adorn many of the dresses.  The roses added a touch of classic romance whether on eyelet material or sheer chiffon like draping.

It goes without saying that technology has become an everyday presence in all of our lives.  You can hardly walk through a store or drive down the street without seeing someone wearing headphones. And forgetting your phone at home easily feels like a part of you is missing. The designers definitely recognized these trends in our behaviors and chose to incorporate them into the show.

Models wore headphones that seemed to be a hybrid of Beats headphones and fuzzy earmuffs.  Not your average headphones, they were bejeweled and adorned with fur like fabric. Noting how people always have their phones with them, the designers positioned the phone and it’s case as an accessory.  
Just like a purse or shoes, phone cases are increasingly making a statement as fashion accessory. What statement are you ready to make this winter?