Pride and Prejudice and McQueen

Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice got a reboot thanks to author Seth Graham’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The book comes to life in the the recently released film. 

Elizabeth Bennett leads the way in the re-telling of the famous story, this time with quite a repertoire of sword-wielding skills. As zombies roam the hills of the English countryside, the Bennett sisters must put their fighting skills to the test while remaining ready to find Mr. Right in the search for a suitable match.

The movie is sure to whisk you away into the world of Regency England with the style and beauty of the period. But that doesn’t mean the style of the period is restricted to the silver screen. As we often see on the runways, historic styles are reinterpreted for modern audiences, as was the case for Sarah Burton’s Spring 2016 collection for Alexander McQueen.

With the mix of history and modern style of these designs, you can easily picture the Bennett sisters walking to Meryton in the floral dresses.

A white corset and delicate chemise mimics the underpinnings the sisters may have worn with their gowns when heading to the ball at Netherfield. Though for the Regency period many women chose not to wear the confining corsets and instead enjoy the freedom of a more natural shape. 

Feminine column gowns mirror the classic style embraced by women of the Regency era. The runway styles also feature Spencer-style jackets women often wore in the period. The short jackets mimicked a menswear tailcoats, but cut shorter to the waist without the tails. 

Additional designs featured military inspired coats paired with feminine gowns made of sheer lace with ruffle details. The combination becomes the perfect pair for Elizabeth to wear, one part feminine and one part zombie fighter. 

As you pick up the book or head to the movies, dreams of being best friends with Elizabeth and Jane, or marrying Mr. Darcy may float through your mind. As you consider life in Regency England alongside your favorite characters, you can dress the part in real life with Alexander McQueen.

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