Diamonds in the Desert

If you're anything like me, William and Kate's recent trip to India has you ready to pack your bags for an adventure of your own. Dressed in Elie Saab's spring couture collection, you'd be ready to explore India's vast landscape. From the dunes of the desert to the steps of the Taj Mahal, the designs bring dreams dripping in opulence to life.

The color palette mimics that of the desert, with natural shades like tan and taupe. At first glance, the colors may seem repetitive, but there are subtle changes that pay homage to the historical treatment of color in India. An ancient text recognized white as variations in shades like ivory, jasmine, august moon, August clouds after the rain and also conch shell. White is practical given the climate of the region, but it makes it so much more poetic to name the shades something like "August clouds after the rain." 

You could wear your jasmine and ivory outfits for a day in the Thar Khur desert. The luxurious fabrics are made desert ready with jewel encrusted boots and sandals. 

Step up the decadence with textured embroidery on a gown for your trip to the Taj Mahal. The intricacy reflects the ornate detailing of the flowers on the famous building. 

Inspiration for the collection seemed to stem not only from the landscape, but also the historical beauties among the country's own royalty. 
The richness of the styles matches that of a princess. There are flowing sari-like gowns that drape elegantly across the body while a shawl falls delicately across the shoulders.
 Like the fabric, the body is adorned with jewels, including tiaras, to complete the majestic worthy looks. 

So pack your bags and get ready to make your own majestic memories. 

Runway photos: