Candy Colored Summer

"Lifeguards on Duty" 
Every season brings with it the chance to embrace something new. It’s a clean slate waiting to be written. So as you enjoy the unofficial start of summer this weekend, what better time than now to ask yourself what kind of season you would like to have.

How about a candy colored summer?

What might a candy colored summer be? Perhaps a little bit bright with rose colored hues and soft yellow highlights.
"Los Santos" 

Maybe it’s the refreshing feeling that comes on the winds of a sea breeze.
"Wind and Sea"

Or the inexplicable hope of a daydream.
"Candy Castle" 

The photography of Matt Crump helps inspire such candy colored notions. Whether exploring his portfolio or perusing his #candyminimal curated collection on Instagram, the inspiration is endless.
"Bright Tiles" 

It’s hard to feel unhappy when you can enjoy the cotton candy colored dreamscapes he creates like the Eiffel Sunset. 
"Eiffel Sunset"

The options for a candy colored season are endless. 
Only one question remains…where will your path lead?
"Pretty Path"