Italia is Love

From the rolling hills of fruit orchards…
to fields overflowing with blooms…
to beautiful beaches, the summer collection for Dolce & Gabbana is ready for an Italian adventure. 

If travelling to Italy isn’t in your summer plans, you can still enjoy the spirit of the country with pieces that feature landmarks and tourist attractions embroidered on the fabric. It’s almost like wearing a post card to celebrate things like the leaning tower of Pisa.
And what would Italy be without a Roman Holiday?

 The collection is like a love letter to Italy, a celebration of the vitality and zest of life that can be felt in everything from the history, landscape, art, food and people.  With the #ItaliaIsLove tag, it’s hard to ignore the mood behind the designs and the ads. I love the ad campaign for the collection. You can’t help but want to sit at the sidewalk café to enjoy some pasta or read a book. 
And of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without some selfies.

The designers continued to use devices like cell phones as key accessories like we saw in the fall collection. But this time the models, both on the runway and in the ads, pause to take selfies. 
Though funny and a bit unexpected to the devices on the runway and in ads, it makes sense given our culture of social media and constant sharing. Models seem to be giddy on their love of Italia and the brand.
Regardless of where your summer adventures take you, you can take the inspiration of love and happiness with you.

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