Modern Day Marie Antoinette

"The beauty of her heavenly face, that expressed benevolence and goodness, and whose features were so regular and delicate, the loveliness of her figure, neck, and arms, the exquisite freshness of her complexion – all was enchanting." 

Such was the description of a woman from the diary of artist Elisabeth Vigee le Brun (pictured above in a self portrait).  Though we don’t know who she was thinking of, we can imagine through her eyes a classic Rococo beauty full of life and allure. Famous for painting portraits of Marie Antoinette, Vigee le Brun captures the spirit of the period through her words and paint brush.
Romance, soft gestures, playfulness…all were present in this 18th century world. The mood of the era is embodied in the newest spring Red Valentino collection. The baby doll dress silhouette often seen among the designers’ work is interpreted for a modern-day Marie Antoinette with corset and lacing details.
Romantic chokers and flower embellishments worn by the models resemble those of the Queen herself.

The collection wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the courtiers that participated in the flirtatious banter in the garden and court of Versailles. 
"The Swing" by Fragonard 
Mirroring the breeches men wore, the models don feminine jumpers.

Artist Jean-Frederic Schall embraced the playful spirit of the period with his paintings of girls dancing. 

Whether peasant or royal, life seems so pleasant when dancing…

With a touch of romance, a floral embellishment and playful spirit, here’s to embracing the beauty of the season.

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