Life's A Picnic

Some like to say that life’s a picnic. Picnics call to mind sunshine, blue skies, sweet tea and laughter. Even though there are the unavoidable cloudy seasons of life, why not embrace this sunshine-filled mentality? 
"Luncheon on the Grass" by Monet, 1865-66
There are times when you need a moment to escape the day to day chaos, take a walk in the park, enjoy lunch with friends or just feel the breeze blowing across your face as you take in the scenery around you.

"Boating on the Seine" by Renoir, 1879-80
Impressionist artists welcomed similar notions as they introduced their new art movement to the world in the mid to late 1800s. Artists like Monet and Renoir headed outdoors to capture the beauty of nature. With smaller brush strokes and an approach that released them from the confines of only capturing reality as it appeared, the artists were able to capture movement, changes in light and other perceptions of what they observed.
Several of the works show people enjoying the outdoors, with a spirit of calm that is supported by using cool blue tones. This feeling and color palette seemed to find its way into some of the designs of Ralph Lauren’s spring 2016 collection. 

"By the Water" by Renoir, 1880
With seer sucker style stripes and flowing fabrics, the dresses are the perfect point of inspiration for a modern day picnic.
"Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Renoir, 1880-81

So even if life is giving you some lemons, take the opportunity to make some lemonade. 

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