Peace, Love and Disco

 The lights were glowing, the music pumping, the laughter flowing and glitter shimmering all around…this is how we nostalgically imagine the disco era of New York City. A city of beautiful people with smiles, love and a carefree attitude.  In reality, crime rates were high and the city was a dangerous place to be. But from that reality, the beauty of art and fashion flourished in ways we continue to see over 40 years later. 

 Studio 54 is synonymous with the 1970s, attracting the likes of Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Cher and Jerry Hall. With the bulbs of paparazzi cameras flashing, the artists, celebrities and characters of NYC flocked to the club to dance the night away to the music of Diana Ross, The Village People and Donna Summer. 
It was like a live runway featuring flowing dresses, sequins, bell bottoms, furs and jewels.

But the 70s weren’t all about the parties, it was also the time when women were entering the work force with a vengeance…the perfect stage for a girlboss to transform the way women treated their wardrobe. With her iconic wrap dress that changed the way women dressed, Diane von Furstenberg emerged as a major girlboss of the era. 
She continues to use her days on the streets of NYC and nights at Studio 54 as inspiration for her work. The spring 2016 collection features the wrap dress she debuted in the 1970s along with an off the shoulder maxi dress like that of Lauren Hutton and one-shoulder asymmetrical designs worthy of a disco goddess.
There is even a white suit that pays homage to Bianca Jagger’s YSL smoking suit worn for her wedding to Mick Jagger.

The models had shimmering eye shadow and blown out curls, reminiscent of Diane’s own coiffure on the disco floor. They even wore floral barrettes the mirror her very own worn from nights on the town.
So before it's the last dance of the summer, grab your favorite wrap dress, blow out your curls, add a floral barrette and start making new memories. 

Runway Photos: