Blaze at the Ballet

The lights are flickering, violins tuning, skirts rustling and laughter tinkling. The year is 1873 and the city is Paris. It’s a night at the ballet, and everyone is ready for an unforgettable experience.
Outside, the Fall breeze is blowing, bringing with it an ominous outcome that theatre goers are far from expecting. 
Not only will the patrons of the ballet get to enjoy the talents of prima ballerinas like Marie Taglioni, they’ll also experience the blazing spectacle of a grand building going up in flames.

Such was the night of October 29th when the Theatre Imperial de L’Opera burned to the ground. As flames from the gas lighting began to lick the edges of the box seats and Victorian décor, I can imagine women gathering their bustles, men grabbing their top hats and canes as they all scramble to the entrance to escape the fire.
The events bring to mind imagery of tulle, ash and singed silk. The dress code for an evening at this burning ballet comes straight from the Moschino Fall 2016 collection.
Just as if they ran across the threshold of the burning theatre, models sashayed down the runway with smoke emanating from the folds of the fabric. 
The lace and tulle of their gowns played a game of peek-a-boo with burnt edges. Still wearing gloves and tiaras, it’s as if the glittering world of the Victorian aristocracy could not be diminished by the drama of destruction. Even in the midst of the soot and ash, beauty shines through.

Runway Photos: