Roses Are Red

I have a bit of a confession to make, I love watching The Bachelor. After 20 seasons of contestants vying for the attention and heart of the bachelor, I still can't get enough of the show. I find myself believing the host, Chris Harrison, each time when he says the season is going to be the most exciting yet. Though the relationships that form have their ups and downs, and love does not alway prevail, I continue to join the journey to find love. 

With the recent premier of the newest season, I can't help but have roses on the brain. As roses are handed out each episode to the ladies of choice, these roses can't be any color...they must be red. Imagine the bachelor handing out yellow roses of friendship or pink roses of appreciation, the effect would not be the same.
The red roses are a classic symbol of love and passion, and are thus the perfect color for the show. Since the time of Greek mythology and the goddess of love, Aphrodite, the red rose has been used to communicate desire and romantic love.  Though the drama of the show does not always point to true love, the use of red is also interesting for its other meanings. 
From roses to dresses, the color is perfect to communicate passion and energy. Scientific studies have also shown that men are more attracted to women who wear the color red. Perhaps this is why so many of the ladies donned the color on the premier episode. Whether or not their dress decisions worked remains to be seen. 
Alexander McQueen 
Though we may not find ourselves at a rose ceremony, we can still wear the powerful color of choice with designs from the Spring 2017 collections. 
Stella McCartney
From the red rose color to floral embroidery, roses pervaded the runways. The red beauties included the delicate and romantic with red tulle and lace. But an edgier side to the rose was also showcased with the use of leather and studs, displaying the tougher side of the flower and color, like the thorn we often find on the stems.  
Whether romantic or edgy, the rose will provide plenty of inspiration and ways to bloom in your closet this spring.

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