Bonjour Spring

As spring's arrival pushes away the remnants of winter’s chill, the promise of sunshine, flowers and a warm getaway abounds. The vacation destination of choice…France. 
As poppies and sunflowers bloomed on the spring runways of and Jean Paul Gaultier couture and Dolce & Gabbana, it seemed like the French countryside was calling. So why not take a moment to imagine a French holiday? Rather than stay within the city limits of Paris, the best getaway may be hitting the road to discover smaller towns and the country's natural beauty

Such an adventure into the open French air makes a picnic basket, Madeline-style straw boater hat and floral dress pre-requisites for the full experience. 
The trip itinerary? Heading south to Provence. Though outside the Parisian city limits, the effortless chic seen on the sidewalks of the world's fashion capital can translate to the Provencal countryside with poppy-adorned chokers, belts, halter tops and shoes.   
 Who said the country can't be chic? Overalls and cowboy boots are definitely not on the packing list for this trip. Instead, off-the-shoulder blouses, breezy pants and feminine detailing. 
Cruising along the open road through Provence with the windows down and Carla Bruni playing on the stereo, you won’t even need perfume as the scent of lavender fills the air. Not only does Provence boast the beautiful red poppy as a part of its landscape, but also lavender. 

The lavender doesn’t play a solo role on this natural stage, but often finds accompaniment by bright yellow sunflowers. As the melodic voice of Carla Bruni moves across the airwaves and the sunflowers nod their heads, it's almost as if they move in time with the music and not just the warm breeze. 

Provence may or may not be on your holiday wish list this spring and summer, but it's still fun to dream of the flower-filled countryside. No matter where you're headed, why not say, "Bonjour," and step into the sunshine?   

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