Bel Air Beauty

Now this is a story of a girl that makes her way to Bel Air. Cruising through the glamorous foot hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, a mix of Britney Spears, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys fills the airwaves from the radio of her convertible. 

Part boss babe, part free spirit, she’s packed for a variety of new adventures. Classic Chanel suits are reinvented with colorful prints, flowing fabrics and 90s era accessories. 
The inspiration for what’s in her suitcase, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Though I can’t imagine Karl Lagerfeld binge watching the cult favorite 1990s television series, I can’t help but see touches of the show’s characters and the era in this spring’s designs.

Ladylike suits that are a part of the iconic Chanel wardrobe, find a new edge with bright colors, sideways ball caps and oversized sunglasses---touches that easily could have been seen on the show's characters Will or Hilary. 

The story of our Bel Air princess continues as she dons a pastel suit for her lunch meeting at the Hotel Bel Air. Her traditional tweed and fun accessories like a hat, oversized jewelry and studded driving gloves strike a balance between classic and carefree.

For an evening in Beverly Hills for dinner and an art opening at the Los Angeles County Musuem of Art, our girl swaps her suit for a flowing dress with 90s worthy graphic colors and prints…and of course a sideways ball cap.

As the last notes of “Genie in a Bottle” fade and the moon reaches the top of the sky, the story ends with our heroine’s realization that she has made it home...home to Bel Air.

Runway Photos: