The New Power Dressing

Though it may be cliché to say that a man in a uniform has a certain allure, it's often true that the combo has the ability to make a girl’s heart swoon. 
Perhaps this is why Josephine fell for Napoleon, who was making a name for himself in the French military in the early 19th century. Or more than his dashing good looks in the uniform, it may have been the power behind the uniform that caught the stylish Josephine’s eye. After spending time in prison during the Reign of Terror and seeing her first husband guillotined as a part of this period of the French Revolution, it was as if Napoleon swooped in from the battlefields to save her. 

The strong shoulders, brass buttons, elegant braiding and tassels…these details come together to help create the iconic military jacket. Dsquared2 took a cue from Napoleon and the French military in the Spring 2017 collection with details like these.

Power dressing takes on a whole new meaning with the blending of military symbols and glam 1980s material girl. Coincidently, the 1980s were a period that showcased women breaking boundaries as they left the home to climb the corporate ladder. 
This dynamic pairing on the runway showcases a new way to power dress in a way that crosses the boundaries of time.

"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" by Louis David, 1801-1805

You can take a page out of Napoleon’s playbook and Madonna’s closet by pairing your military inspired blazer with acid washed denim and leopard accents.

No matter what life throws your way, you can be dressed to conquer it. 

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