She's a Firebird

You’ve likely heard the term, “She’s a firecracker,” but what about “She’s a firebird?”
P. Garst Firebird costume from 1936
The classic ballet, The Firebird, that originally premiered in Paris in 1910 continues to mesmerize audiences with its story of love and triumph. 

Tamara Karsavina as the Firebird by Adrian Allison, 1890
The Firebird flutters across the stage with the strings of Stravinsky’s orchestral creation. Following the story of a Russian legend, she crosses paths with a lost prince in the woods. Her feathers provide protection and beauty, and ultimately help him overcome an evil sorcerer.
Atlanta Ballet's The Firebird
There have been a variety of interpretations of what the Firebird looks like, including the portrayal by Misty Copeland seen below.

To see and hear a glimpse of the ballet, here’s a clip from the San Francisco Ballet. 

After recently seeing The Firebird performed, I couldn’t help but notice the coppery red color of the Firebird in Elie Saab’s Resort 2018 collection.

Bright yet powerful, the warm hue conveys a youthful vibrancy.

Some of the fabrics included a feathering effect with lighter shades and touches of other colors. 

Could it be that the designer also had birds on the brain?

Runway Photos: Vogue