Grand Style

Far from the ocean’s edge, there is a land of dirt, rock and heat. The hills rise to the heavens, rolling across the horizon as far as the eye can see. Centuries of history are hidden in this earth and only revealed with the help of the winding Colorado River that reveals the secrets in layers. This land is the Grand Canyon.

With cliffs, caves and a cool river, this place was called home by a variety of Native American groups thanks to the environment’s natural shelter and protection. It also attracted explorers as early as the 16th century who sought to conquer the challenging landscape.

Earth tones prevail in the absence of trees and foliage. A warm color palette of browns, reds, yellows and whites paint this world, as well as the Resort 2018 collection from Dior.

The fabric colors and prints speak to the history of the Grand Canyon and its people. Multicolored embroidery, denim, fringe and leather create an intertwining story of the Native Americans and western explorers.

Prints like these are reminiscent of tribal artwork found on cave walls.
Without the shade of trees, wide brimmed hats are a must to protect the face while riding horseback or walking across the vast and open land.

Ponchos provide protection against the wind and the seasonal monsoons that are apt to sweep through the canyon during the late summer months. 
Exploring the wilderness is made easier with a pair of sturdy, and fashionable, boots. 
From snow covered peaks, to steaming valley floors, this is a land of extreme weather and extreme beauty. Though it no longer contains all the mysteries of an unchartered territory as it once did, the Grand Canyon remains a landmark of adventure. So why not pack your saddlebags and head to the land of historic grandeur?   

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