Mad Hatter

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she found herself in a world of fantasy, curiosities and a little bit of nonsense. 
The world of Lewis Carroll's 19th century Alice's Adventures in Wonderland comes alive with vibrant characters like the Hatter and March Hare. Famous for his illogical quips and fantastical style, the Hatter is best known as the Mad Hatter. 

Perhaps the Mad hatter got a little crazy from making one too many hats and got a dose of mercury poisoning as was common for Victorian textile workers. Or maybe being stuck in time at a never ending tea party with the March Hare and Dormouse had him feeling a bit crazy.
Whatever the reason for his kooky behaviors, it is still a tea party I wouldn't mind going to alongside Alice. With a little inspiration from John Galliano's Spring 2009 collection, it's possible to join the party with a hat that would make Lewis Carroll and his Hatter proud.
Pastels, florals and splashes of bright pink and orange create a storybook color palette.

The hats are so colorful, fun and whimsical that they are almost a character on their own. Soft fabrics, satin ribbons, tulle, jewel broaches and feathers all add unique dashes of delight to each hat.

The tea party is still in full swing for us to we just have to find the rabbit hole and we'll be on our way. 

Runway Photos: