Feast of Fashion

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, which means the holiday season is on our doorstep. Millions of people will travel by planes, trains and automobiles to gather around the dinner table in celebration of the season. 

Whether a gathering of family or friends, the holiday is a chance to connect, reflect and enjoy each other and all that we have been given. There is of course the traditional Thanksgiving spread complete with warm Fall themed decor, a steaming turkey with dressing, the smell of cranberries and cinnamon filling the air, and cozy knit sweaters worn by the fireplace. But I like to imagine other variations to the dinner table and of course, what to wear to such an occasion.
 "A Feast for the Eyes," Vogue 1996, Photographed by Steven Meisel

Why not have a Thanksgiving filled with couture? Sparkling candelabras, decadent jewels and luxe gowns from the pages of Vogue are sure to make lasting memories.
 Or for something a bit more rustic, how about a picnic amid the lush gardens of the estate? And perhaps followed by a relaxing walk and dessert on the porch to watch the sunset? 
 "Custom of the Country," Vogue 2012, Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

You may welcome the notion of the great outdoors on Thanksgiving, but with a bit more glamour. Rather than going the rustic route, there is always the option of donning couture amid the remnant's of summer's flowers. 
"Paris Je T'Aime," Vogue 2007, Photographed by Steven Meisel
And who ever said pastels couldn't be worn in the Fall? When it's couture, it's always in style.

Sometimes you can't anticipate who might show up to share the dinner table. In today's world, an invitation may result in someone completely out of this world. Even with a surprise guest, you're sure to stay poised when wearing your peals and a ladylike dress.  
 "The Total Lady," Vogue Italia 2003, Photographed by Steven Klein 

How will you style your gathering this holiday season?  

Images: Vogue