Rock Royalty Style

It was the decade of culture wars, the space race and economic crises. It was also the time of bell bottoms, flowing dresses and platform shoes. Messages of peace and love were on everyone’s lips. It was the 1970s.


Fleetwood Mac
The decade was heavily defined by music from the likes of Abba’s upbeat disco to the rock and roll of Heart. As music filled the airwaves, fashion took cues from the concert stages. When icons of the era like Fleetwood Mac donned things like peasant inspired tops, funky prints and bell bottoms, the style choices made their way from the stage to the street. 
Heart, 1977

Styles like these from rock royalty and hippie culture continue to find their way onto 21st century streets and runways. Designer Anna Sui always manages to create a collage of references in each season’s collection. Looking at the Fall 2017 designs, I instantly thought of the 1970s and films like Almost Famous, which immortalizes the style and mood of the period.    
Almost Famous

Several designs include busy prints and flowing lines reminiscent of peace-loving hippies.  

 Kate Hudson as Penny Lane
The luxe velvet and fur fabrics are rich and eye catching, the perfect combo for a night at the disco or hanging out with Penny Lane and the Band-Aids at the next concert.

“It’s all happening...” –Penny Lane, Almost Famous      

Jerry Hall
Bebe Buell and Jerry Hall helped immortalize the music-infused styles as figureheads of the culture that we get a glimpse of in Almost Famous. These beauties could be found alongside musicians like Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, perhaps serving as muses to the music being made.  
Bebe Buell
Fierce prints, windblown hair, romantic details and a carefree spirit are all captured in their looks. The same approach to beauty is embodied in Anna Sui's designs with effortless layering, a fun mix of prints, colors and textures and an undeniable sense of cool.  
Nearly 30 years after the decade came to a close, the beat of the era lives on through music and fashion. Whether dancing to the tune of “Mamma Mia” or “Barracuda,” the collection from Anna Sui is sure to help take you back in time in the best possible way. 

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