Shades of Love

From the first butterflies of a crush, to the deep passion of soul mates, there are many shades of love. Cupid is already fluttering his wings and readying his bow for Valentine’s Day, so what better way to celebrate than with a color story in pink?

Love has been the subject of countless books, movies, songs and art pieces. Sometimes love is demure and quiet, while other times it is loud and exuberant. It can be sweet, exciting and passionate. Just as there are variations in a single color, ranging from lighter to darker hues, love can be expressed through a variety of colors and shades. Red and pink always dominate February’s celebration of love. With the help of spring styles and art, we can explore the softer side of the sentiment in shades of pink.
 Chanel, Spring 2018

"Cupcake Couple" by Christopher Boffoli, 2013
Love can be sweet, even as sweet as a cupcake. With soft layers of tulle and ruffles in blush tones, Chanel and Marchesa showcased designs as delicious as a cupcake’s icing. There is an innocence to this shade, as it calls to mind cotton candy and sugary sweetness.
 Marchesa, Spring 2018

 As shades of blush deepen to a more vibrant pink, a playfulness and charm emerges. Just as the feelings of love bloom, the dresses of Marchesa and Alexander McQueen bloom with playful applique flowers and detailing.
Alexander McQueen, Spring 2018 

Shades of bubblegum pink become pops of color on the runway and in art. Artist Romero Britto features this shade of pink in pieces like “American Dream” where he uses pop art styling to depict American royalty, JFK and Jackie.

Marchesa, Spring 2018

John Mayer crooned the lyrics “love is a verb.” But as artist Scott Pratt explores in his bubblegum back-dropped piece (seen below), love is also the root word of nouns and adjectives like lover and loving. No matter the type of word, without love as the foundation, the others don’t exist.

 Zimmermann, Spring 2018
Are you ready for Cupid’s arrow to take hold this Valentine’s Day? Celebrate all that is sweet and romantic this holiday in your favorite shade of pink.

 "I Love You-pink, poppy red, cool gold" by Damien Hirst, 2015

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