Fashion meets Art: Jean Metzinger

As the spring season begins to reach its peak, it's the perfect time to start dreaming of warm days and tropical getaways. Bright colors and fun prints on the Reem Acra Spring 2018 runway are the perfect starting point to get inspired.

Pops of coral are paired with deep blues and greens. With colors and patterns like these, it’s easy to  imagine walking through overgrown brush in the jungle or diving into the depths of a waterfall.  

 Landscape with Fountain Parc Montsouris, 1906-07 
Like the Reem Acra collection, the paintings of JeanMetzinger beckon viewers to step into paradise. Landscapes are filled with lush greenery, bright blooms and cool blue waters. 

Basse-Normandy, 1905-06
Cubist paintings like these used mathematic principles to create works of art. Metzinger’s painting style embraced geometry and often presented images in mosaic-like squares.
Coucher de Soleil No. 1, 1906 
Many of the designs from the Reem Acra collection mirror the color schemes and painting techniques of the Metzinger paintings. Though in the case of the gowns, texture and depth is created through layering of fabrics and embroidery instead of with paint.  
Paysage Coloré aux Oiseaux, 1907 
By juxtaposing colors and shapes, Metzinger and Reem Acra created glimpses of nature that are irresistible and timeless. 

Runway Photos: