The Secret Garden

With the first hint of spring in Georgia, yellow daffodils began to sprinkle the ground. This was only the beginning. With warmer temperatures pushing out winter’s chill, pink cherry blossoms have lit up bare trees, purple wisteria dangles from every possible surface and azaleas in shades of pink, red and white are blooming in every direction. As we welcome the month of April, pink and white dogwood flowers are joining the explosion of beauty as they begin to grace tree branches. 

Each year, the landscape goes through an inevitable process of life, death and rejuvenation. After the dark days of winter, spring brings with it the hope, light, and new beginnings. 
As the foliage comes back to life, birds sing their morning songs and butterflies dance through the gardens, there is no denying that anything is possible. 
The Spring 2018 collection from Rodarte embodies the mood of the season and the symbolism of the garden. The presentation is like entering the story of the Secret Garden, where the children of the story discover the hidden treasure of the garden. As the plants and flowers flourish, the health and demeanor of the children also blossom into new life. This same promise of rejuvenation is woven throughout the Rodarte designs.

The set of the Rodarte show creates a sense of lush foliage, full of vibrant green bushes and blooms in every is the garden at its finest.  With dresses in gauzy fabrics that move with ruffles and volume, there is a soft feminine quality like those of a flower’s petals.

Just as the prettiest flowers in a bouquet are accented with supporting blooms that enhance the beauty of the arrangement, the dresses are given romantic accents of bows, jewelry and a bit of baby’s breath. These touches showcase the wearer of the designs as the centerpiece, the prized flower in the fashion arrangement.

Runway Photos: