Princess Style Diaries

Ever since Meghan Markle began making headlines as the sweetheart of Prince Harry, her style choices have rippled across headlines, blogs and social media. It is like the princess diaries for fashion, or more accurately, the Duchess diaries.

She has showcased looks ranging from laid back girl-next-door to a prim lady of the English manor. Her choices like blue jeans and a white top communicate a sense of accessibility and all-American charm. As she has taken on more duties as a representative of the palace, she has embraced more classic English attire, complete with fine tailoring and whimsical hats. 
Like other royal ladies, Meghan has the power to start trends, support brands and inspire style choices of women around the world. What message she will choose to send in the future remains to be seen, but she might find some inspiration from the women that have come before her. 

Her sister-in-law, Kate, has had several years of practice in the realm of royal fashion. Kate has embraced classic lines and feminine details. She is always the image of poised beauty. Understanding her ability to send a message through clothing choices and support English brands, Kate embraces brands like Alexander McQueen.

Magazines from the 1980s and 90s were filled with images of Princess Diana. Years before Kate and Meghan, their mother-in-law harnessed the power of fashion. She understood the importance of a well-tailored suit or dress, but also how to remain chic in casual choices of jeans or gingham. 

Regardless of the occasion, her classic sensibility helped position her as the most stylish woman in the room.

Like Meghan, Grace Kelly became an American princess. She left the Hollywood hills for the palace of Monaco. She maintained the classic and feminine styles we often associate with her time in Alfred Hitchcock films like Rear Window. Details like a fitted waist, full skirts and tailored suits kept her look timeless.
 The style diaries of these women vary, but often share a common thread of classic and feminine details. How Meghan will choose to write her own duchess diaries will be up to her, but is sure to keep the world’s fashionistas talking.