Summer Pop

Pop art meme painting by Ashley Longshore
Bright, colorful, flashy and full of spirit are all terms that easily describe the art of Ashley Longshore. With features that are bold and vibrant, her works represent the modern Pop Art movement. Each piece often appears irreverent, while underscoring important messages like that of female empowerment.  

"Untitled from Marilyn Monroe" by Andy Warhol, 1967, MOMA
Andy Warhol popularized the Pop Art style in the 1960s with screen-print paintings of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. He also took items from everyday life, like a Campbell’s soup can, as the foundation for a work of art. Warhol gleaned inspiration from pop culture and the world around him before immortalizing the imagery through his bright and colorful creations. 
Pop art portrait of Audrey Hepburn with butterflies by Ashley Longshore
Longshore’s pieces like “Audrey Hepburn Cutout with Swarming Monarchs and Black Background” and “The Bend and Snap is a Hoax” showcase qualities like those of Warhol and the original Pop Art movement. Images of powerhouse female figures, donuts, musicians, and meme-like phases are plastered across the canvases often with rhinestones or painted jewel embellishments. Like Warhol, Longshore takes observations from her world, layers them with her perceptions and adds plenty of flash to produce her art. 
Pop art meme painting by Ashley Longshore
Both Warhol and Longshore use(d) art as a platform for a larger message. Though fun regardless of the message, themes of celebrity and consumerism are always prevalent. Longshore’s paintings like those of Elizabeth Taylor or memes referencing the Rockefellers, Bergdorf Goodman’s or diamonds celebrate the consumer culture with candy-colored brush strokes and cheeky humor. 
Pop art portrait of Elizabeth Taylor by Ashley Longshore
"Elizabeth Taylor with Caged Canary"
This self-taught artist is talented with her creations, as well as her business skills. Not only does Longshore blaze her own path in art making, she also does in the way she sells her work. Her business platform has included a solo show with Bergdorf Goodman’s and Instagram, where she sold over $1 million worth of products on the social media site. She doesn’t limit herself to a single title, but embraces the ability to be an artist, entrepreneur, author and trail blazer. 
Pop art portrait of Oprah Winfrey by Ashley Longshore
"Oprah Winfrey"
The colors and tone found in Longshore’s works offer the perfect color palette and spirited worldview for the summer season (or any season for that matter!). Scrolling through  her Instagram feed, browsing her portfolio or investing in a piece for your own collection, you’re sure to get a dose of summer pop laced with modern feminism. 
Audrey Hepburn painting by Ashley Longshore
"Audrey Hepburn with Kumquat Headdress and Chartreuse Background"

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