Designing Your Career with Elaine Welteroth

Masterclass Review Elaine Welteroth
Original image via Instagram @ElaineWelteroth
There is design for our homes and our clothes, but there is also design for our careers. To design something means that a decision is made about the look or function of an object (like a building, dress, etc.) and then plans are created before the object is made. Just as a fashion designer sketches out the idea for next season’s clothing collection, you can craft a design for your career journey. 

Elaine Welteroth wearing turquoise power suit for Masterclass
Image via MasterClass: In her class, Elaine takes on the topic of powerful careers while wearing a strong suit in a shade of teal that pops. 

In her Masterclass, Elaine Welteroth tackles this very topic of “Designing Your Career.” Elaine has become an expert in navigating career dreams in her own journey. She made history in 2012 as the first black beauty director at Teen Vogue and again in 2016 for reaching the high profile role of editor-in-chief. Her history making ways did not stop at the acquisition of those titles. While working at the helm of Teen Vogue, Elaine also made a point of helping the publication evolve from solely covering fashion, to incorporating cultural and social topics. 

Elaine Welteroth wearing gingham suit with book More than Enough
Image via Instagram @ElaineWelteroth -- Elaine pictured with her book, More than Enough. The book is part memoir, part life and career advice. 

 Many would have believed her career had reached its climax by acquiring such admirable positions with Teen Vogue. But Elaine had other ideas and began making career transitions. Since leaving the magazine in 2018, Elaine has branched out as a book author, public speaker, television personality with The Talk and Project Runway and most recently, as an expert in her career themed Masterclass.

Elaine Welteroth wearing turquoise power suit for Masterclass
Image via MasterClass : During her class, Elaine speaks directly to the viewer as she offers insights from her own career path.  

The Masterclass covers a range of topics related to navigating and guiding your career including branching out as an entrepreneur, networking, work-life balance, marketing, writing and imposter syndrome. Particularly useful among the topics covered were those about finding your “zone of genius” and crafting a “career blueprint.” Elaine goes into detail with each of these topics and the videos showcase diagrams for each concept to illustrate what’s being described. 

Elaine Welteroth wearing camel colored power suit on The Talk
Image via Instagram @ElaineWelteroth -- Her own fashion chronicles and brand building can be seen on her Instagram with amazing suits like this one on The Talk. 

Elaine Welteroth wearing polka dot blouse and pants on Project Runway
Image via Instagram @ElaineWelteroth -- Just another day at the office at Project Runway in classic camel colored pants and a sheer polka dot blouse.

Elaine also discusses the power of a fabulous outfit. She underscores how clothing is part of your presentation and communicates to others how you want to be perceived (which is part of your brand). Her own fashion choices showcase the power of great clothing choices. For her Masterclass interview she chose a powerful yet fun suit that featured feather details and a vibrant color. Her time on The Talk and Project Runway featured other work-ready looks with looks that included a camel colored power suit and classic khaki slacks with a cream colored blouse.  

One tip she offers to keep fashion fun and make it work in your favor is to find wardrobe staples. This offers simplicity in getting dressed each day, plus helps build the brand you are crafting for yourself. 

One of the biggest takeaways from Elaine’s masterclass? 
You have the power to design a career you love.

Masterclass review elaine welteroth design your career
Original image via Instagram @ElaineWelteroth

By making an effort to discover your strengths and passions and then align them with a plan for your career vision, you can take control of your professional outcomes.