Cavalier Couture

John Galliano channelled the Three Musketeers and Cavalier fashions (1660s) for his recent Spring 2009 couture collection for Dior. The result, works of art fit for the runway.

Garden of Love, Rubens

Dior's 1940s New Look merges with the Cavalier fashions of the late 1600s in this Spring 2009 design.

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Edwardian Romance

A compilation of historical images from the late 1800s Edwardian era and modern fashions I found to be reminiscent of the time. It's so romantic and whimsical...
Finding Monet's irises in the fabric of Chloe's Fall 2008 dress.

Finding inspiration in the late 1800s Coca Cola ad for Chanel's Spring 2008 design.

Monet's lily pads seem to have found their way into the shoulder pads of Galliano's design.

The ruffling skirt from the Fall 2006 collection of Chloe suggests the dancing skirts from the Moulin Rouge in the Toulouse-Lautrec painting.

Bringing Back the Bustle

I absolutely love the bustle silhouette from the Victorian era. Though it was from the late 1800s, it still inspires modern designers like Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen. I found the runway images from's a great site to see all the shows.