5 TED Talks for Every Girl Boss

TED Talks for Women
Ready to get inspired? Take a listen to these 5 TED Talks to learn more about everything from mindset and grit, to power poses and creativity. 

A S'well Business

S'well water bottle with flowers

Sleek. Beautiful. Functional. It’s the unexpected fashion accessory that changed an industry while also helping the environment. 

S'well water bottle pink with purse
Seeing only wasteful plastic bottles and the clunkier options available for sports, S’well founder Sarah Kauss saw an opportunity to offer a chic and functional alternative. With $30,000 from her savings account and a can-do attitude. Sarah embarked on a journey in 2010 that would result in a brand with global reach by 2015. 

Going Forward

Collage Rachel Hollis Didn't See that Coming book

What’s good? The sight of a rainbow after the storm, the smell of cookies baking and the sound of a cat purring. The list of all that is good in life is endless, but would we be able to fully appreciate the good and beautiful if we didn’t already survive the bad and ugly?
Author Rachel Hollis invites us into the conversation in her latest book, “Didn’t See That Coming.” In it, she tackles this very question as she reveals lessons and routes to recovery for even the hardest of seasons.