I’m a corporate working girl, dabbling fashion historian, art and book lover, lifelong learner, vegan-ish cook, overachiever and cat mom. 
About Pretty in a Power Suit

You’re an ambitious career climber, dreamer, fashionista and self improvement seeker...
About Pretty in a Power Suit

And I’m here to help you stay inspired and reach your next level. 

Over the years I’ve studied everything from fashion and art history, to branding and leadership. My time in the corporate world has included roles in human resources and marketing. And what I’ve realized along the way is that seemingly divergent topics like fashion, art, leadership and business intersect in amazing ways. 

Pretty in a Power Suit™ is a place to explore these intersections and offer you inspiration and tools to help in your stylish journey. On the site you’ll find feminine fashion, a splash of art, a deep dive into leadership, profiles of amazing women throughout history, pretty powerful books, as well as tools for your career development.

What does it mean to be pretty in a power suit? It means that you can embrace all that is pretty and feminine while still putting on the power suit—or any outfit that makes you feel great—while owning your roles of leadership and influence. Though history or cultural norms may attempt to argue otherwise, being a woman does not disqualify you from taking charge. In actuality, there is power in your femininity that the world needs. You simply need to make the decision to share your power with the world.   

Whether your current form of leadership is organizing play dates, or mergers and acquisitions, you are in fact a leader. Your power suit may be wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a Chanel skirt and blazer, but regardless of your uniform, you have the power to make change and take hold of your dreams. 

I look forward to the chance to be a part of your journey! Feel free to get in touch by emailing me at prettyinapowersuit@gmail.com. 

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Collage 1 features: 
Marie Antoinette in a Chemise Dress by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, 1783
Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies by Claude Monet, 1899

Collage 2 features:
 Coco Chanel in one of the first versions of the power suit in the 1920s via CR Fashionbook
Empress Eugenie Surrounded by Her Ladies in Waiting by Franz Winterhalter, 1855