Starlet Style: Ava Gardner

Hollywood starlet. Sex symbol. Style icon.
Ava Gardner.
The spirit of Ava can be found in the Fall 2009 Couture collection of Dior.
Key elements: Animal print. Bold color. Sexy silhouettes. Lingerie.

Runway photos:

Fashion in Wonderland

This is a dreamworthy set of photos done by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue. Model Natalia Vodianova becomes a modern-day Alice as she enters the world of the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts.

Photos originally from Vogue

Wild West

I've been on a road trip--the cause of my delayed posting--and as I headed west towards Texas I couldn't help but think of America's cowboy heritage. Who better to embody the American spirit than Ralph Lauren? His collections are often infused with touches of western wear with details like turquoise, silver and Native American prints.Ralph Lauren even showcases the style in his own wardrobe, as seen here in chaps with a touch of fringe.
So here's to the days of the wild west with Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and the untamed landscape.
Fall 2006

Runway photos:

Sweet Tart

Juicy Couture's ads bring the spirit of Rococo and Neoclassical eras with an edge of modernity. Who would expect glamorous gowns and fur wraps with tattoos? I absolutely love the play between the historic and modern.

The eras of Madame Pompadour and Marie Antoinette are suggested with large bows, silky fabrics, candy-coloured palette and high levels of whimsy.
Tied up with pretty bows like Madame Pompadour.

The large wigs and beautiful gowns, and perhaps a little seduction, just like Marie Antoinette.
Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette.

Reminiscent of Annie Leibovitz's photos of the Marie Antoinette cast.

A Cinematic Wedding

"Why it's like a dream. A wonderful dream come true." 
-Cinderella, 1950

Continuing with the wedding theme, I thought I'd pose the question, What does the perfect wedding look like? Though there isn't just one answer, I thought I'd share some of my favorite movie weddings; each beautiful in different ways.

Clear blue waters, wildflowers and sunshine make the perfect Greek wedding.

Perhaps dancing and singing through the landscape of Paris like Audrey Hepburn with Fred Astaire would make the perfect wedding. From Funny Face.

An old world romance full of lace and tiaras.

Vintage versus Vera...A classic look was worn by Anne Hathaway, while Kate Hudson wore a Cinderella gown by Vera Wang. How to choose between two beautiful dresses/looks?

Some of my favorite wedding looks were worn by SJP in Sex and the City for her wedding and in her Vogue shoot.

What does your perfect wedding look like?