Shimmer and Shine

New Year’s Eve is the night when a few extra sequins may as well be a prerequisite for dazzling memories. The Fall 2016 collections include plenty of options fit for a sparkling night.

From fabrics that shimmer, to textured sequins and beads, dresses like these are sure to help you shine.

A Swiss Story

The story begins on the countryside of Switzerland, with our heroine travelling the countryside of Switzerland…from the tops of the snow capped mountains, down to the depths of the lush green valleys. She continues her trek into the Netherlands, walking among tulips and windmills before heading to the city streets of London. 

So This is Christmas

Giles Deacon
Tis  the season for mistletoe and mischief…or at least a few festive Christmas parties. But the statement that always seems to be on our lips is, “I have nothing to wear.” 
If the invitation doesn’t dictate a tacky sweater, then how about  couture?